Health Freaks

It is better to love and lost than not love at all?

As I do some lazy mornings, I sit with my husband and watch sports debates. Men and women on various programs debating the same topics currently trending in the sports industry. One of the comments had nothing to do with sports but a personal preference:

“I don’t eat cupcakes but when I do, I take off the frosting.”

How do you not eat the frosting? It’s the best part! It’s like eating lasagna but not the pasta. How do these people live?

Yes, I know that good health equates to longer life but what fun is there to not enjoy and never experience? No, I am not saying to down an entire box of pizza but a slice here and there, some people would cringe. I have come across many health conscious people in my lifetime and I often wondered how they do it when I practically salivate at the thought of a donut. They eat no gluten, no soy, no sodium, no carbs, no fat, no alcohol (although I don’t drink either), no this, no that, only a little of this etc.

This brings me back to the original quote. Would you rather live longer and never dabble in sweets or have a shorter life eating real food in moderation?


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