From a Standstill

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fromastandstill4blogNo one knows life isn’t fair better than Dinah. It seems getting pregnant is as easy as swallowing a pill for some women, except for her. Navigating her path to conception, she is horrified to learn that her chances are bleak with hurdles she must overcome that block her lifelong dream. With barely any support from her workaholic husband Ian, the days of children to call her own are more distant than ever until she finally gives up, relying instead on the power of God and strictly her faith to perform what doctors couldn’t.
When children are all but a memory, she is reminded of just how powerful God is. Her long years of prayers are answered, just not in the way she thought. When a crisis hits Ian’s vindictive and intolerable sister Stacey, Dinah is suddenly thrown unprepared and scared, straight into the life she thought she was ready for: motherhood. With her life seemingly complete, she learns there’s a tradeoff with living happily ever after.
On the verge of a once in a lifetime promotion, Ian is thrust into dealings that make Dinah question the true motives of his superiors. With work and a new home dynamic, adjustment isn’t going as smoothly for him as he’s unwilling to sacrifice to cater to the change he never asked for. He is suddenly becoming someone Dinah doesn’t recognize, a man that cares more about numbers and self appearances rather than his family.
Dinah is left to question what is more important and worth saving: her marriage or her dream.


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